2014-03-26-Alone_Man1440x900So here is a question. Have you ever considered…….? I don’t mean the “What ifs?” that can kill any idea or dream. But the “Why nots?” that we as fully awake dreamers can and do think in the middle of day and then go and make things happen.

If we have done it once, can we do it again? If we cannot seem to be able to do it again, then why? Have we allowed a person or organization or life to beat us down to the point where we just kind of half-way go through our experience. We kind of want things better but we feel we have somehow gone too far or lived too long to do anything about it.

That is sad. Sometimes we need others to throw things in our way. I think of the old sales training that says sometimes prospects throw up objections just to see if you believe in yourself. I am more convinced that this happens in life. Because of my belief, I feel it is God who is testing us, but if you don’t share that belief, then life seems to do also.

But back to “Why nots?” Why can’t we take something we love and have a passion about and build a better future? Notice I did not say “Earn a living”. Earning a living is important. But sometimes what we love too fundamentally changes when we decide to go about making money doing it. But have you ever considered that you can make a better future without making more money? I know I have.

What are your core needs? It may be about freedom, or knowledge, or long deep relationships, or service. We could try to go about making money to meet those needs. We could even hope for these to happen and wonder why they do not. Or, we could say “Why not…why not give a measure of (fill in your core need) to someone else, or two or three someone-elses? It is in giving that we truly receive. It is understanding others that we truly understand ourselves. Let’s practice this “What if” “What if I made it my goal to understand others. To serve others. To not be so concerned that my needs get met but help meet others’ needs.”

Now, there’s a “WHAT IF?” worth thinking of.





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