bow-tie-businessman-fashion-man-medium                           Quick – think about how many times we have heard this in sales training“People buy from people they like and trust.” So, at that point we learn how to be affable, warm, and how to act caring. We actually teach people to look like they are listening. There is a great truth buried in there somewhere though isn’t there?

When we make decisions, especially buying decisions, we want to know or if not know to hope we are not being lied to, not being dooped, or not being taken advantage of. So we ask a friend. We don’t necessarily ask them to give a quote or do the job. But we ask them their opinion. THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MINUTE. Why do we do that? Why do we ask a trusted friend their opinion but then have other people or companies then do the work?


Are we afraid that by asking our friend to do the work for us they will do a less than professional job? Will we need to get frank and say what needs to be redone? Are we afraid to hurt the relationship? Do we think if they were truly being friendly, they would do the job for free? What do you think it is?

I have to tell you, as I write these words I think of the times I have done the exact thing I described above? And, then, I think how silly and distrusting I have been. There are many of us on LinkedIn who have thousands of connections. Some of these connections are true friends. OK, let’s all be honest, or is it just me the kid who grew up on the streets on NYC? Have you done the same thing? And if you have, why?

More importantly, if you haven’t been subject to this malady – let those of us who suffer know some of the things we can do to start really taking this practice to heart. I will be giving some tips to start this process over the next few weeks. I hope these tips will help you as you look into this. Oh and BTW –

This practice does not exclude you from doing business with someone you have only known for a short time or maybe do not know at all. But, let’s add this to our thinking.




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